• No. 1

    A young man, who had been drinking, fell over some bin bags which were left outside a shop. His attempt to bring a PI claim was thwarted however, principally on account of the pertinent fact that the bin bag which had caused his accident had actually been thrown at him by his friend – who was also a little worse for wear.

  • No. 2

    A man, who was experiencing a particularly eventful fortnight in his life, attempted to make a claim for a car accident which was caused by him being distracted by waving to someone whom he struck with his car the previous week.

  • No. 3

    A lady who injured herself by walking into the glass door of a shop attempted to make a claim against the shop’s owners. This was despite the door being heavily emblazoned with notifications informing the public that it was indeed a door.

  • No. 4

    A woman fell out of her window while balancing on her bath and window ledge. As the tiles were loose on the window ledge she attempted to sue her local council, claiming that they should give her a new bathroom.

  • No. 5

    Spencers received a seemingly legitimate claim. However, investigation revealed that the claimant had twelve previous PI claims which he had not disclosed.

  • No. 6

    A man attempted to make a claim for a motor accident, despite admitting he was not actually in the car at the time of the accident.

  • No. 7

    A gang in London made £3 million worth of false claims against insurers in three years, for car accidents they caused deliberately. If they believed the damage to their cars post-crash was insufficient, they would take a baseball bat to the car.

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